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Are You a Classy Woman?

Are You A Classy Woman?

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It’s not about everyone today but my fellow women.

Someone very close once asked me why women wear clothing that reveals their bodies. He said “I do not just understand it, ladies do not have to expose their bodies to look good”.

I am not judging anyone but I have come to the conclusion that in most cases, ignorance makes us do a lot of things and these women are simply not classy.

I love the Merriam Webster definition of  classy ” elegant, stylish and reflecting high standards of personal behaviour.

I am aware people give different definition to being classy. Some ladies will tell you they are classy because they are snobs or bullies. Some feels wearing good shoes, carrying nice bags or wearing designers all makes them classy. I am sorry to be the one to tell you today that those aren’t classy.

I came up with few Characteristics of a Classy Woman and I will share them with you:

  • Dress Tastefully: This woman knows how to step out in style yet moderately. A classy woman don’t go out looking rough in un-ironed clothing.


  • Pleasant and Gracious: A classy woman treats everyone the way they want to be treated and handles conflict with grace.


  • Humble : She is down to heart, listens, friendly and shows empathy


  •  Dignity : A classy woman displays high ethical standards and moral values.


  • Confident: She does not need to expose her body to feel good, she displays excellent mannerism


Above all, a classy woman fears God


Yes I know you cannot be perfect as I am not as well. I am, as a matter of fact working on keeping up with at least one or two of the characteristics listed above. However, we have to make conscious effort to attain masterliness of classy acts.

Please share other characteristics of a classy woman with us below


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Olorunfemi Folasade

I believe that it’s what you carried that people will talk about not the kind of clothes you wear. A classy woman is someone who has a God driven abilities and can use it to influence other people’s lives

wumi-Adefaye toyin

Knowing about fashion too, sometimes make some ladies think they are classy.

Leo Felle

I think our girls and women who have not gotten the true meaning of a classy woman should read this and change that old and popular version of classy. Thanks Hannah.


A classy woman is also one who is able to explain why she does things the way she does and who can stand her ground whatever the situation. She holds to her principles of life.

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