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Be Humble But Not Stupid


There was a time in my life that I thought being humble is stupidity. I allowed people walk over me so much whilst I murmured, reported them to others and remained deeply hurt. Later I graduated to ignoring situations that hurt me rather than addressing the issue with whoever it is I have the problem with, but soon realized I was getting exhausted from it all physically, spiritually and mentally.

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Now, I am trying in my “responding ability” when it comes to dealing with fundamental issues that has the tendency of escalating. I do not always get it right, but I am learning to do better again and again.

Stepping on people’s toes or others on yours is not something you can avoid if you are providing or receiving any form of services. It could be professional, voluntary and ultimately in your family. I no longer make it who is right but what is right. It is not right to allow people treat me badly, because not telling them will make them feel it is the right thing to do and they will do it to other people, which also, isn’t right.

“Being humble is not, standing up for yourself or allowing people walk all over you but giving up your pride whilst retaining your dignity”.

Everything is not about me, my strength, the little knowledge I have but how I can use these abilities to impact on others positively, yet allowing correction, reproof as much as praise.

The truth is some people think having it all means they can treat everyone they come across unfairly forgetting that someone was in the position you occupy before, and someone will occupy it when you leave. What you have, perhaps wealth can not always speak for you and by the way other people have it.

  • Be humble, but it is okay to let your spouse know gently but firmly, that they can’t treat you unfairly.
  • Yes! Stay humble, but let your friend know that respect is a mutual thing.
  • You are a Pastor, a CEO, a leader, it does not exempt you from being humble. Stop abusing the position
  • Humility is essential in parenting. It is okay to own up to it when we get it wrong, through it, we teach our children humility.

You are great in the way you treat others.

Stay humble



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Another good piece. There’s no better way to be a bestseller than writing from your experience.

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