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I have come to realized it is paramount to be rich in health. I lived in the hostel whilst in the University. My hostel had two big bathroom that would accommodate all the ladies on each floor. Many times, when I am having my bath, people will commend my flat tummy. Wow, see your tummy. I never knew it was gold, trust me. I never understood the fuss over flat tummy. Surprisingly, I didn’t eat healthy food whilst in school. I was always eating junks mostly oily food and my tummy remained flat so I guess this didn’t make me know much about dieting, eating healthy and exercise.

By the time I had my first child, I went up to a size 10 from size 6. Oh I loved it. See the curves, now I can walk around without people feeling sorry for me. I remember my sister buying me a fattening tea. She was even monitoring me to be sure I take it every day so I can add some flesh.  Those days were to be over after I had my second child. I ate a lot during his pregnancy quoting the popular phrase “I am eating for two”.  By the time I had him, I was a size 16. I remember trying to fit into a size 14 trousers, my husband was laughing and begging to pity the trousers and just accept I needed a bigger size. I was so sad and didn’t like myself at all. I learnt my lesson but still had not research into how to lose and maintain a healthy weight. During my third pregnancy, I was very careful. I remember just drinking water alone for few months. A couple of months after delivery, I was still struggling. I was having pains in my left thighs. I was far from what I use to weigh. I weighed 50 kg before I had my first child but here I am now, 79kg.

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My husband and doctor were so sure that my thighs was not used to the upper load it’s carrying. So they advised I begin to walk. Within 3 weeks of starting, the pain disappeared. I urge you, be rich in health.

I was so impressed. Then I began to read books and I did some research and I uncovered a lot of information….Oh truly, information is power, knowledge is truly liberating, education is indeed the premise of progress (Kofi Annan) and it gives security indeed. The information I uncovered on calories and BMI (body mass index) were phenomenal. I never knew about them, I guess because I have always been skinny with very flat tummy, well-trimmed arms and so I never had the reason to research on things like these. Knowing a lot about dieting, being fit, healthy eating and exercise has helped me a lot, so much that within 4 months, I lost almost 10kg.

I also got to know that even if you lose weight and you didn’t lose it right, you can add them back on just like that. So I am happy to be able to lose my weight slowly but permanently. You can be rich in health

Even though I walk for an hour every day before, because now I have cut it to few days a week, I found that one can also do exercise in door. The one I found very interesting was climbing stairs. It helps your tummy and thighs. Also on the issue of water, coke used to be my drink, and everyone that is close to me knows this. I love my coke, but now I love my water. I never knew drinking water has its benefits. I wake up first thing to drink water now and I make sure I take at least 8 cups a day and I make it the last thing I do before I go to bed. Oh my my! I have not felt healthier in my life.

So stay with me on my blog, as I bring you different articles/tips on how to be rich in health, ranging from topics on pregnancy, food and recipe, losing weight, keeping warm with special homemade drinks, cough remedies, indoor and out exercise tips and many more. Remember, Health is Wealth.



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