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Can Smiling really prolong our lives?

My dearest late Mum always said to me “Hannah, emerges beaming with smile”. Sometimes you do not understand the impact of what you do until many people begin to say it to you or compliment you.

I worked briefly at an Engineering Firm years back and I got tired of the compliments on my smile so much that I try not to smile when I arrive at work, but I guess I couldn’t just help it.

I also remember vividly entering my office at another place of work one day and my manager said “thank goodness, Hannah is here with her smile” and the mood changed for everyone. I never knew that a smile can go all the way. I am of the opinion that it will not be genuine if you greet someone and it is without a smile, but I might be wrong.

I also found that many researchers posits that Smiling actually makes everyone around you feel better, not only that, it does the following too:

  • It lowers stress and anxiety
  • You will look more attractive (No wonder I look so young for my age)
  • It strengthens your immune system
  • You will be more approachable
  • You’ll seem more trustworthy (Yeah????)
  • You will be a better leader (This I agree with)

I love this Fresh Quote, ” You are never fully dressed without a Smile”.

Come On! Smile.


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Augusta Onasanya

Wow!!! The truth and nothing but the truth, but am hearing that quote today for the 1st time, that dressing is not complete without a smile.Thank you Hannah, l will keep your advice in mind. You are such a wonderful genuine inspiration to this generation. Remain blessed xxx

Stephen Abimbola

Yes makes the soul merry. Thus can prolong life.

Stephen Abimbola

Reason why making people laugh is a profession. Comedians. You cant be laughing and commit suicide.

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