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Could it be?

Could it be?

I had a conversation with an acquaintance today.

It was about the different faces of life we go through that we find challenging. His opinion: It is a risk to believe we will get out of them.

I will be a liar if I tell you I tried explaining to him that “they shall pass”. Instead, I went quiet, ruminating, at the same time asking could this be why some people opt for suicide or why others give up entirely, refusing to give it another shot to regain control because they believe it is a big risk to feel the challenge will come to an end?

Could it be?

I am not judging anyone but I am in Christ and I have found myself so down in certain situations, but not to the point of ending it all “God forbid”. However, I perceive now that this may be one of the reasons why people think of ending it. Perhaps because you do not know there is a Mighty hand that can save and turn situations around provided you seek Him.

Whatever you are going through, have faith in God and be rest assured that it will not continue like that.


What shall we say of the woman with the issue of blood for 12 years?

or the Children of Israel in the wilderness?

There is a song in my dialect and the lyrics goes thus:

Bayi koni yio mari lo
(It shall not continue like this)

Lowo ogun ti ako bimi mo)
(With the battles I was not born with)

Lowo Ogun ti akobi momi
(or the battles that were not born with me)

Loruko Jesu emi fowosoya pe
(In the name of Jesus, I say with confidence)

Pe Bayi koni yio mari lo
(That it shall not continue like this) Amen.


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My thoughts exactly this evening…


Thanks for this powerful words that spur me on. It is indeed a spiritual energiser. May you never be weary my sister.

Modupe Ojo

Thanks for this words of encouragement, it really worth it.

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