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Don’t leave it until it is too late

I remember my husband coming to pick me up from an event and I kissed him. An elderly woman said to me that oh you are still newly married couples and so it is understandable you are still all over each other.

I just smiled, because I know we will not stop doing that………

Relationships, be it with friends, spouse, children and others requires hard work on both parties to make it work and I have found that one of the factors that contribute to keeping the spark alive is “appreciating your loved ones”.

I want to encourage you to always tell the people in your life how much they mean to you. Make it a part of you to show them you care in actions and in words.

The findings of a research I was involved in many years ago shows that employees appreciate it when their employers appreciate their hard and good works.

How much more our loved ones. If we do not tell or particularly show our loved ones how we feel, there is no way they can know. It is not good enough to maltreat your children or spouse and continually post their pictures on social media. It is not good to treat your old ones badly and cry when they pass on to glory.

I love you, thank you, you look stunning, is there anything I can do to help, you are so lovable, I appreciate you, you inspire me, your sense of humour is a delight, or holding their hands, a kiss, a perk, taking care of them when they are sick, listening, encouraging, giving a call when they are out of sight, buying cards or flowers occasionally will go a long way to consistently rekindle your love or the spark in your relationship.

Not doing these things can gradually make relationships turn sour, we must try and keep the light in our relationships burning.

“Loving someone is not just about saying it everyday but about showing it everyday in every way”

Talk about your feelings, the positive and the negative ones. When you do things differently, you keep the spark alive. When you do not talk about the negative ones, there would be no room for improvement, hence nothing to keep alive.

So, don’t wait until it’s too late and say “I WISH I HAD”.

Start doing so now


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