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lets laugh pic Get Amused Get Amused lets laugh pic 300x150All work and no play they say makes Jack a dull boy. It is important that we amuse ourselves from time to time. Do you know laughing is very healthy for you? Oh yes!!! It is very healthy. I smile and laugh a lot, perhaps it is a contributing factor to the reason why I look young (Wink*)

Some will argue that after laughing, then you go back thinking about that problem. Well, it means they didn’t laugh enough.

Sometimes , I will be furious over something, but it might just be a word that my hubby will say that will make me laugh and just forget. Also having a laugh with friends, going out, doing simple silly things can keep you sane that you just hang on to the memory of what amused you.

Please stay with me as I bring you hilarious pictures, posts and stories.

Have fun


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