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I am Responsible for me

I was at the store today to buy an item. A man was at the front of the queue, another lady in front of me and a man behind me. The first man offered the lady in-front of me to pay since she was only buying a chocolate. He took a look at me and quickly faced the till. The man behind me shrugged and said to me “You are holding one item, she was holding one, why can’t he allow you as well?” He went further to say, it’s because you are black. The guy talking to me was black too. I smiled

On my way home, I began to reflect on the scenario. I didn’t see it the way the man saw it. My thought at that point was that if he decided to start giving every one a place in front of him, then he might not leave the store today.

I also began to reflect on how far I have come with my thought process, how I see my self as black living in a foreign land, how I react when someone gives me a funny look and how I smile when another sitting beside me stand up to sit else where on the tram. I also remembered that it all changed the day I came to the realization that “I am responsible for me”, I have come to understand perfectly that I will get hurt when I allow it and will also remain happier depending on how I see the situation.

Emotions !!! They are hard to cheat, but I am just learning very hard not to allow them over-ride me and at the same time I have come to realize that God is the ultimate, nonetheless He has given me sovereign over how I control my thinking, my behavior and actions.

Who is responsible for you? YOU ARE…

You are responsible for why the man/woman still abuses you, responsible for being laid-back, responsible for how you react to that situation and responsible for the response you give when you are pissed. My very good friend shared with me that in life,”we have to do what is best for our existence, the ability to let our life goes smooth has been entrusted to us”. Use it.


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Thanks. You are ver right. I also changed my mind about this issue of “it is all because you are black” and my life changed. Peace and favour now follow me everywhere. ?


I believe that even when things seem to be working against us, we should keep trusting and held onto God’s promises. Eventually every word that the Lord had spoken wil surely came to pass and NOT what is happening in our surrounding.
Thank you Sis for blessing us with the word of God!


So right Hannah!!!! Even at work, I have been called a “racist” by Black race like me saying “U are just serving d whites” And it’s bcos they don’t want to pay for their travel!! I just over look them and laugh when someone quickly judge themselves by the race. It is who you are!!!
Don’t be shallow minded, face the reality!


Absolutely correct. Funny enough I’m on my v last day of running a challenge on healing the Victim Within which definitely touches on this.


totally agree… Most of us focus on what we cannot control instead of focusing on what we can control- ourselves!

Thanks for the reminder

Owodolu Bamidele Alfred
Owodolu Bamidele Alfred

Yea,u mostly right,come to think of it,I solely believe, am totally d only to paddle my boat,myself, most especially positively

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