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I Celebrate the Woman in You

I celebrate the woman in you

I celebrate you, your achievement, perseverance, independence, passion and above all your heart on this International Women’s Day.

See, I celebrate your heart because it takes a lot to be a woman, to stand up for what is right and continually support other fellow women.

It takes a lot to be fashionable, yet remain decent, a lot to be diverse and be God-centered.

We clamour for acceptance in leadership, see ourselves as one who can do better what men can do,and so in order for the world to start seeing us as what and who we profess, we need to stop pulling each other down, dating each other’s husband, bullying each other at work, encouraging our son to maltreat his wife and start taking a stand for what is right against all odds.


On this day, I remind you that:

You are a woman,

You are strong, brainy, bold and beautiful,

You have all it takes to shake and pull down all negativity in order to build and maintain,

You are loved,

You are purposeful,

You have integrity and dignity,

You are responsible and your fellow woman can trust you,

You believe in others and bring out only the best in them,

You are capable,

You are kind, compassionate yet a no.-nonsense.

This is to all of us……

Happy International Women’s Day

Lots of Love, Hannah


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As we go through life challenges, let's comfort one another, share our challenges, laugh together, advise each other and share tips on things that matters.

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