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I think you should DO this


I say this a lot and my close associates know this as well “You cannot be an Island on your own”. As a matter of fact we learn everyday and we cannot do everything neither can we know all things, (How can we anyway?, when we are not God).

This is what I learnt recently….

Have a Personal Mission Statement. That’s it.

After reading about it, I did further research to see how having a personal mission statement written out can really help me stay focus in fulfilling my purpose.

When we go for interviews, we are all ready, researching about the company. We go as far as memorizing the mission statement of the Organization to prove to the employer that we know them and will be well suited for the job role and sometimes employers get impressed.

So, if you do not have your own personal mission statement, this is the time to think of having one, write it down on paper, memorize it and finally have it dominate your mind to guide you and serve as a constant reminder that you have work to do, dreams to fulfill and goals to achieve.

Here are some benefits:

  • It consolidate who you are – It defines you and helps you discover who you are. This for example might help “surprisingly” in the areas of friend you should and not keep.
  • Gives you Focus – It gives you stability and helps you pay attention to the things that matters
  • Simplifies your decision making process – It enables you to be swift and decisive because you know what your aims are.
  • Holds you accountable – It makes you take responsibility for everything that is wrong and right
  • Revival – It revives your energy, strength and spirit when it does look like it’s not going smoothly or as you have expected.

Finally, this is a very good time to take an inward look, clarify your purpose and begin to identify things that are really important to you, so you can start 2017 with an energizing spirit.

Are you convinced of your purpose but needs direction?

Do you think you don’t just get it and needs to talk to someone?

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