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Being the second child and first girl in a family of seven, I developed natural flair for helping and encouraging people. This sprouted in me the desire to cater for the welfare and motivation of individuals. I guess this was what led me to study International Relations and Human Resource Management respectively

Even though I have been a source of inspiration to many people. I refused to accept this for a very long time but now I have come to accept that friends, families and acquaintances are being truthful.

After I launched out Inspiration with Hannah on Facebook, I remember two friends called me around that period but at different times. One talked about her child who was having problems walking and talking. We discussed at length and concluded he sees a specialist, and register him to start going to Crèche for at least a few hours a day, to get the child to play with other children. The second day, I followed up to be sure she has arranged to see a specialist and she said Yes. To my surprise, she went on to tell me how I have been an Inspiration, because I shared my fears with my second’s child with her as well and that her boy would be just fine. It was as if I was waiting on her final word because hearing her say it made me say to myself, yes now it’s’ confirmed. Afterwards, I told her about Inspiration with Hannah.

My other friend informed me she has been thinking of having another and last child, but she is scared. It is what she wants, but then, she is thinking of the 9 months journey, the first year and the naughty two stage. I was supposed to support her fears because I was having a bad week with the children when she called for encouragement. My Children were on mid-term and considering I have 3 boys, it was tough. But I found myself saying to her that if I could be guaranteed of a girl, I wouldn’t mind doing it the fourth time. I went on to let her understand that if truly that is what she wants, then she has to go for it and then put some measures in place to make life easier for herself and her two boys. And then again, she said oh thank you for being an inspiration… then I thought, that same word again…..

So in a nut shell, this page explains to you that from time to time you will be inspired on this platform, ranging from inspirational pieces that can encourage us. Since I started out Inspiration with Hannah, I have received many emails and yes oh! What we go through in life. We go through challenges, sometimes we are stuck between making this decision or that, often at times, we feel our dreams are far-fetched, another time we just feel like giving up, we say to ourselves what are we even doing, why do we keep trying…… All these places, we have been there. We have asked ourselves these questions, but unfortunately, we cannot afford to just let them over-ride us.

I would also appreciate it if you would share your inspirational stories with us so that others can through you, be encouraged. To share yours, please send to hannah@inspirationwithhannah.com

I welcome you to being inspired…..ENJOY!!!


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