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lets chat pic let's discuss Let’s Discuss lets chat pic 300x150As much as it is good to get inspired, it is also paramount for us to discuss life issues. Inspiration with Hannah will always come up with different topics that we can discuss and learn about and reach an informed conclusion. Come on, Let’s discuss.

I have come to understand that there are many things we do or engage in that cannot be seen as morally right but we do not know.  In my life time, this has happened to me a lot. Sometimes, I do not agree on the spot that I am wrong but has taken me several years to come to terms with situations I could have thought about differently.

Few years ago, I went with a very good friend to a lady to buy cosmetics. A disagreement ensued and I had to leave and waited for my friend in the car. When she got in the car, she didn’t like that I stormed out as it didn’t show any sign of respect from me to her. I also said to her that the lady’s house was dirty but she wouldn’t have it. She got upset with me saying I do not know her and so I shouldn’t say that. But I thought, you are my friend, I should be able to tell you what I observed but she maintained I was wrong. I apologized and trust me it made me a better person.

I was with my Aunt few years later, I saw that her kitchen window surface was very dirty and immediately I advised her to buy “CIF” and told her it is very good and would clean the surfaces within minutes. She actually did so and called me later to tell me. I was impressed with myself. The main lesson of this is that few months ago, I had to come home with a family friend and the house was just not it. I had to apologize and explained we all rushed out in the morning. She responded her house looks the same and then I remembered the cosmetics lady. I remembered how I have judged her. I came to the conclusion that we all say to ourselves, it is my view, it is my opinion and I have the right to have one but we all have forgotten that there will always be a best view, possibly right view and there will always be that wrong view.

 Stay with me on this page and let’s discuss them.


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