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Oh!!! I think a lot… a lot goes on my mind. And you will agree with me that our thoughts, they are thoughts first, then we process them in our minds and then sometimes say them out, other times, we just let them live in our hearts. Some other time, we just discard them. This is how I deal with my thoughts and now I have so many of them on my phone note pad. I can just be walking on the road, a scene will trigger a thought and then, I will just begin to type. It might be in the kitchen, I might be listening to the news, and GBAM! Thoughts will be triggered. This is indeed minds & thoughts.

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I look at things and I analyze what should be and what shouldn’t be. I wonder if I am the only one. I remember a philosophy module I did in my first year as an undergraduate, it was all about ethics. What makes things right or what make them wrong. How do we come to the conclusion that something is morally right or wrong?

I remember seeing my Children’s pediatrician one day outside her clinic. I was so surprised to see her on a bicycle. She is a Doctor for goodness sake and where I come from, a doctor won’t be riding a bicycle. How else would you know he or she is a doctor if they ride one? And so I thought, how humble. It is not about who she is but what is convenient for her. The bicycle is convenient for her, so she is riding one. I love critical reasoning a lot, so I thought but what if she has a car at home? So I thought before I come to a conclusion, I have to ask her. I did weeks later and her answer was maybe when she have children, she might buy a car, but for now her bicycle is her piece of mind.

Now do we say, those who ride big cars are bad or am I saying they shouldn’t enjoy their hard-earned money? NO, but it is just fascinating to know we are all different in our views about life.

Then my thoughts starts wondering, come to think of it all, all these things, I want to buy a car, a house, shoes, clothes etc. the day we die, that’s it. We leave them and we go. Then my thoughts said again, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have them? Isn’t that interesting?

Now I know you can see how the thoughts on my mind gives me a special job to do. Bless me!!!

I want to assure you, I won’t just rant on all the time about my thoughts. We will all learn from each other as these thoughts will bring interesting topics that I am sure we can all benefit from.

I want to believe I am not the only one with thoughts that can benefit everyone. I also know you won’t leave me alone to do this by myself, so I invite you to share that thought with me.

Let us have fun together with minds & thoughts and impact lives with the thoughts on our minds

To share yours, please email – mt@inspirationwithhannah.com


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