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Literally saying I am going to become a mother does not prepare one at all for what one will experience when it comes to childcare. Starting from how to wrap your baby, to bathing to the right toiletries to use for your baby. I remember saying, it can’t be that bad. Not knowing, I need to learn a whole lot of things.

I bought a particular brand of baby toiletries when I was about to give birth to my first child five years ago,  but few weeks to delivery, a friend came to see me and said oh you can’t use that. It’s not good for people of colour’s skin unless I buy it in Africa as they do it differently. This and many other advise are what I heard during pregnancy, after delivery and whilst taking care of my child.

I must confess I got a lot of things wrong as a first time mum. My mum was with me for about 10 days to help and show hubby and I few things, but even if she had spent a year, believe me, I will still have to learn to adapt with my own baby because what necessarily works for other baby may not work for him.

My first child was very big as a baby and he had folds. I was bathing him few days after my mum left, I lifted up his thighs and saw dirt’s, God I screamed, washed him thoroughly, kissed and kissed him apologizing.

I learnt lesson number 1. I never made that mistake again with his brothers, I made sure I bath them thoroughly, lifting up every folds because they were as big as him.

It’s also true that being a new mum can almost take your whole time from you, but with proper planning and Organization, you can still have fun.

Stay with me on my blog as I bring practical tips that can help new mums in general.

Good luck with everything


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