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Restoring Trust

Restoring Trust is essential in any failed relationship I was zipping up my son’s jacket recently and the zip caught his flesh below his neck because I was zipping fast. He gave a loud cry and I apologized. He was to continually remind me of my mistake because anytime I …

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I am Responsible for me

I was at the store today to buy an item. A man was at the front of the queue, another lady in front of me and a man behind me. The first man offered the lady in-front of me to pay since she was only buying a chocolate. He took …

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Live Within Your Means

Be Content My husband and I entered a clothing store few years ago and he was surprised by the prices on the clothes, shoes and accessories in the store. I asked him to come with me to pick up a specific clothing colour for an event and I knew I …

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We Learn Everyday

No matter how old we are and how much we know, we can never stop learning. My 5 year old and I were at a traffic light waiting for it to turn green so we can cross. We were facing other pedestrians at the other side of the road, the …

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Be Shielded with an Helmet

It is hard to deny the importance of an helmet. The Lansing State Journal reported in 2009 about a 36 year old in a skateboarding accident. Now my interest in this particular report is the Journalist report of the Officials, they said ” it was a death that could have …

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It is finished

Jesus knew all was accomplished and He said “IT IS FINISHED” As we commemorate the death and resurrection of Christ through the renewal of our minds………… I pray all our worries are finished Our problems are finished Our challenges are finished Financial difficulties, finished Barrenness, finished Every form of illness …

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Feed on Substance

Feed on Substance My very good friend added me to a group on Facebook. I engaged on few discussions, because I saw I could admonish someone. Later, I began to see some discussions that does not edify my soul. The group is a women’s group and I knew there would …

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The One That is Never Late

I resigned from my job a month before I had my first Child. Hubby and I were living in different cities, the plan was for me to join him when going on maternity leave and look for a new job, after nursing our baby. Maternity leave was 1 year, but …

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