3 Principles to live by 3 Principles to Live by 3 Principles that will guideyour living

3 Principles to Live by

3 PRINCIPLES TO LIVE BY I strongly believe the world will be a better place when we live by certain principles. When a parent can look their child in the eye and say to the child you are wrong, right in front of whom they have done wrong to… When …

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restoring trust Restoring Trust Trust an essential key in everyrelationship

Restoring Trust

Restoring Trust is essential in any failed relationship I was zipping up my son’s jacket recently and the zip caught his flesh below his neck because I was zipping fast. He gave a loud cry and I apologized. He was to continually remind me of my mistake because anytime I …

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I am Responsible for me I am Responsible for me I am responsible for me

I am Responsible for me

I was at the store today to buy an item. A man was at the front of the queue, another lady in front of me and a man behind me. The first man offered the lady in-front of me to pay since she was only buying a chocolate. He took …

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live within your means Live Within Your Means Be Content

Live Within Your Means

Be Content My husband and I entered a clothing store few years ago and he was surprised by the prices on the clothes, shoes and accessories in the store. I asked him to come with me to pick up a specific clothing colour for an event and I knew I …

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we learn everyday We Learn Everyday Inspiration with Hannah 37

We Learn Everyday

No matter how old we are and how much we know, we can never stop learning. My 5 year old and I were at a traffic light waiting for it to turn green so we can cross. We were facing other pedestrians at the other side of the road, the …

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Be Shielded with an Helmet Be Shielded with an Helmet BE SHIELDED WITH AN HELMET

Be Shielded with an Helmet

It is hard to deny the importance of an helmet. The Lansing State Journal reported in 2009 about a 36 year old in a skateboarding accident. Now my interest in this particular report is the Journalist report of the Officials, they said ” it was a death that could have …

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It is finished It is finished it is finished used

It is finished

Jesus knew all was accomplished and He said “IT IS FINISHED” As we commemorate the death and resurrection of Christ through the renewal of our minds………… I pray all our worries are finished Our problems are finished Our challenges are finished Financial difficulties, finished Barrenness, finished Every form of illness …

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Feed on Substance Feed on Substance Feed on Substance

Feed on Substance

Feed on Substance My very good friend added me to a group on Facebook. I engaged on few discussions, because I saw I could admonish someone. Later, I began to see some discussions that does not edify my soul. The group is a women’s group and I knew there would …

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