It is finished It is finished it is finished used

It is finished

Jesus knew all was accomplished and He said “IT IS FINISHED” As we commemorate the death and resurrection of Christ through the renewal of our minds………… I pray all our worries are finished Our problems are finished Our challenges are finished Financial difficulties, finished Barrenness, finished Every form of illness …

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Feed on Substance Feed on Substance Feed on Substance

Feed on Substance

Feed on Substance My very good friend added me to a group on Facebook. I engaged on few discussions, because I saw I could admonish someone. Later, I began to see some discussions that does not edify my soul. The group is a women’s group and I knew there would …

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The One That is Never Late The One That is Never Late Be an Inspiration

The One That is Never Late

I resigned from my job a month before I had my first Child. Hubby and I were living in different cities, the plan was for me to join him when going on maternity leave and look for a new job, after nursing our baby. Maternity leave was 1 year, but …

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be fair always Be Fair Always Be Fair Always 1

Be Fair Always

BE FAIR ALWAYS I have an older friend, with whom I attend School, she took a liking to me. I guess I could say I found favour in her sight.She is one God has blessed a lot, she gives me presents. At first, I asked myself quietly “Does anything about …

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the best friend The Best Friend The best friend pic

The Best Friend

The Best Friend When people go through life challenges, and they become emotionally drained, or commit suicide, I will never say oh if they have God, they wouldn’t have done that……because I understand what it means to be going through challenges, sometimes it seems it will never end. I had …

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look inwardly Look Inwardly BECOME A BETTER PERSON PIC

Look Inwardly

  Shortly before my graduation from the University, I noticed my very good friend was becoming distant from me and giving me the cold shoulder. I had to go to her mum’s shop to ask if all was well. She was busy that day helping her mum, so she beckoned …

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embracing god's will Appreciating God’s Will APPRECIATING GODS WILL PIC

Appreciating God’s Will

By the time I was pregnant for the last time, I “have” 2 boys already. I prayed fervently to God to give me a girl to the extent that I did night vigil to commune with God. I went to the extent of telling God the “why” I want a …

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Focus on God's Promises Focus on God’s Promises standing on the promises PIC

Focus on God’s Promises

It is easy to lose focus of the promises of God. I was talking to someone with whom everything seems to be falling apart, we prayed together and I reminded her of the song standing on the promises of God. We both agreed that God’s promises are real and genuine …

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Tick Tock Gone Tick Tock Gone TICK TOCK PICTURE

Tick Tock Gone

Time is expensive and when it is gone, it is gone. When I do not make certain preparation before I go to bed especially for my Children, I find it affects me the following day, as I always lose out on time massively, and arrive where I am going late. …

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You Are What You Eat You Are What You Eat YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT PIC

You Are What You Eat

We have come to the end of healthy meals inspiration and advising on dinner is the simplest and cheapest of them all. I will not advise you to go to bed on an empty stomach, however, you have to go by the saying “eat like a pauper at night”. The …

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