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Parenting teenagers !!! to me is a big thing. What a joy when you hold that lovely bundle in your arms, what a wonderful feeling that surges through your veins. How blessed and fortunate you are to be a mother (a father), all the joy, won’t it be so much fun to raise your lovely kids, that charming little toddler, whom you love to dote on and isn’t mummy and daddy just the super hero. Always there at any little call, sacrificing all (at least that is what we parents think!) for our lovely little ones, life is so lovely and peaceful and then suddenly. What happened suddenly? Mum get off my back, what is it with your many questions, why are you snooping through my stuff. I am grown up, please just let me be. Suddenly, little pretty princess and sweet, chubby, little charming prince become a major source of concern, I really do not know what she/he is up to at this time. What do I do when my child becomes suddenly sullen, seemingly unreachable, I just do not seem to connect anymore, all the values I think I have put in this child, where have they gone to, that is what the teenage years oftentimes brings with it. Hey mum and dad, enjoy it while it lasts. Yes! You heard me right, I said enjoy it while it lasts. Hmmm, it does not last for so long after all, a couple of harrowing years, months, weeks depending on the child and you. Parenting teenagers indeed!

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Those few weeks seem to be the most troubling period of your child rearing years, you have been a very good parent, discipline has been your watchword or better still you have been such a loving parent always running around for your kids, so why are they just treating you so badly. Breaking every rule set, withdrawing into their shells, being so boisterous and so unruly, you cannot even define what it is all about, they seem to be confused but have left you more confused than you think they are. What haven’t I (we) done right? Where did I (we) go wrong? The good news is that it is not about what you have done or not done right, it is that adolescence (teenage years) is a very fascinating yet irrational time of life. It was Dawn Ruelas that said, “The troubles of adolescence eventually all go away – it’s just like a really long, bad cold”. Just reading this.. does it scare you? Just stay with us on parenting teenagers, you will learn a whole lot.

Remember, not all teenagers have this challenging time, if you have a calm, obedient, loving, always doing the right thing teenager, good for you. Did I hear someone just ask, if those exist anywhere, oh sure they do, but not so many. We are concerned about that seemingly intensely angry at home, always influenced by peers and what’s going on in town teenager. How can we help our child and ourselves through this seemingly troublesome time of life? My number one instinct is to hand the child over to the maker, pray, pray and pray, God is more than able. But if you are like me, so what do I do pray and fold my arms? Definitely not! James Dobson did say that parenting is not for cowards, (if you have not already read his book, “Parenting is not for Cowards”, do get yourself a copy and read through it). Parenting teenagers is serious business and your responsibility cannot be abdicated.

All these reasons put together is why Inspiration with Hannah has come up with “Parenting Teenagers” where you will be reading from our expert contributor on various means of communication and how to help ourselves and our teenage ones through this phase.

Hope you enjoy and learn one or two things on parenting teenagers.


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