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I have never seen any responsibility as massive as being a parent. I am of the belief that before anyone embark on this journey, they have to be ready mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Mentally – it is important to be in the right frame of mind before bringing a child into the world

Physically – One has to be healthy to be able to take care of another child

Emotionally- Emotionally could be the same as mentally as well. It is important that one is not emotionally stressed. I would not advise anyone in a troubled relationship to bring a child into the world. I will advise couple sort out their issues first so the child does not bear the brunt of the problem.

Financially – It is common for people to want to have as many children as possible even when they do not have the means of taking care of them. It is common where I come from. Some will even have children and then expect the oldest to grow up quick and begin to take care of the younger ones. It is not fair. I am of the opinion that proper planning must be put in place before bringing a child into the world. Do you we have the capabilities? Can you be a Teacher, A Mentor and A role Model, all at the same time? Can you cope with 2 or more Children? All these are very vital

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Spiritually – I say a lot of prayers for my Children. In fact I lay hands on them every night to prophesy good things into their lives. It is a big task and one needs to be clothed spiritually to nurture them in the right way. We need to teach them good morals that stems from the scriptures because this is the only way they can have good success.

Having said all these, Inspiration with Hannah will be looking at parenting in general, mostly the responsibilities that comes with parenting, the upbringing, the nurturing and the care. Is there a best way of doing things? Do we even know children are meant to be treated differently? Do we know this and apply it or do we not? Is there a best fit? Are Children the same? Your first child is highly intelligent? Your second is average? What impact are these having on Children? What impact does it have on parents? This and so many other things are what we will be learning, reading about and discussing on this platform.

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