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You Personality Has a Definition

Your Personality Has a Definition

I have recently become acquainted with a young man on Inspiration with Hannah’s page. From our conversation and the counsel he seeks, I have found he is modest, knows himself and want to be better.

I have also learnt a lot from him.

Recently he asked me a question, “Hannah I hope you are exactly what you teach”? He lamented he has seen a lot of people on social media saying one thing but doing another when he got to meet them.

Truly the question of personality/social media outlook “clash” is becoming a noticeable phenomenon for me. Starting Inspiration with Hannah gave me the privilege to get to know people I might not have met in life. I will also confess that I have been disappointed with some because I cannot see any correlation between what they preach/say and their attitude and this made me re-evaluate myself.

How do I really want people to see me?

Do I want to say A but do B?

The young man’s question re-awaken these thoughts in me and I began to pray for the grace to be what God expect of me because I am certain he does not expect less. It became an issue of to whom much is given, much is expected. Being here, encouraging you has tremendously changed my relationship with my husband, friends and family. I do not want them to see me doing other than what I admonish.


Who are you?

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When you act, can people surrounding you really say “this is you”?

There is only one way you can define yourself and it is through self-awareness and by being aware, you will automatically be conscious of your own character, which will become how people see you – Your identity. If this is positive, then it leads to self-worth for you. You feel at ease about yourself, knowing fully well that you are doing well.

The popular adage that says do what I say, not what I do encourages a lot of people to lose focus on themselves. They justify their actions with the adage but I want to tell you that if this is you, it is not good enough.

What value is it when you equip others with knowledge but you do not practice it?

We can all impact others more with our lives as much as we do with our words.


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Thoughtfully scintillating


It is absolutely important to portray what we teach or preach so as to positively impact the life of people. May the Lord give us the grace to do that because, without God helping us, we can do nothing.

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