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Prayer & testimonies are so important because men ought to pray and after they had received what the prayed for, the glory needs to be ascribed back to God…… There are times we feel downcast we find it hard to open our mouths to pray. I have been in situations that other people were the ones praying for me. All I could do, was say to God, please answer the prayers of your children who are interceding on my behalf and I got my breakthrough. I also realized that when you pray, you receive, after receiving, you testify, after testifying, you receive again…. It is nothing but the power in prayer & testimonies.

My 2016 Prayer for you prayer & testimonies Prayer & Testimonies My 2016 Prayer for you 300x150

It is also important that we share our testimonies with others. Believe me, I have found that people can be elevated through your testimonies, even though they have not experience that breakthrough, you will be surprised that people feel light after hearing that the challenge they are facing, you have faced it, fought it and come out of it triumphant.

In turn, they begin to feel up to it by saying, I can do it too. I can come out of this and then testify to another and it becomes a circle only just because you testify….

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