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Preparing Yourself for 2017


2016 is almost over and we are staring at 2017 with so much ambition and expectations.

There is one thing I want you to always be mindful of and it is how you position yourself to achieve what you desire in 2017.

Hold this thought dear, you cannot be what you want by remaining who you are. If you want something to change, you have got to change something.

When people see others successful, they say they are lucky, only if they know all they put into it to get where they are. The sleepless night, diligence, attitude and resilience.

Those people we see achieve great things didn’t get there by luck but hard work. Watch out if you think it’s luck because it might not last.

You want a new position or promotion, begin to think of how to add value to yourself.

You want your marriage to experience more bliss, start thinking of how to add spice to it and do things differently.

You want your children to listen more and be obedient, show more love and less condemnation so they can draw near first to enable your counsel bear fruit.

When you are suppose to pray, don’t act.

When you are to act, don’t pray

When it is time to pick the phone and network, don’t get lazy.

When you are suppose to be awake, don’t get snoring.

Always remember that success and preparation is where opportunity meet. Be alert, let your ears be on ground, be spirit filled and be consistent.

Above all, be tactical, at the same time, strategic with your plans and delivery, you will be surprised how much you can achieve.

Wishing you all the very best….


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A much needed encouragement as the year comes to an end. Going is to 2017 with boldness!

Augusta Onasanya

May God help us, make the rest of 2016 count for better IJPNA. Complements of the season x

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