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I will go with the popular quote on this one “no one can be an island on their own”. You will be surprised that there are many people out there who are full of wisdom. Some have experience, some know by the virtue of their education, for some its inborn and some through upbringing. And so they can give you opinions on that issue you are going through. It is good to seek opinions from people who have been through something similar can share their experience with you with the actions that brought break through to them.

A young man from Ghana read my first inspirational piece titled IN TIMES LIKE THESE, he contacted me to say he can relate to the article as he does not have money problems, or better still say the problems he has, money cannot fix it. He is happily married to the wife of his youth who is a very lovely woman but his mum will not let them be. And trust me, this is a general problem all over the world though I would say it is more pronounced in Africa. You may be reading this now and think that shouldn’t be a problem but trust me, it happens. It will take a lot of wisdom to be a mediator between a good wife and a mother that has been good to you since you were born.

In my own opinion, all the actions of this young man so far has been very good. He acted maturely for his age and I commended him.

Another young lady wanted advice on a situation where the husband does not want her younger sister to stay with them for a couple of weeks. She lamented her husband’s siblings do come around and have spent more than 3 weeks before, so why should her sister not be allowed to do the same? I remember encouraging her to seek for opinions from the group members and yes of course few people in their wisdom were able to address the situation maturely and from different angles.

There are times we go through challenges, marital, educational and financial problems and most times, we do not trust people who are close to us to give us counsel. Other times, we fear they might use it against us or start broadcasting it to people we do not want to know our business. I have seen people getting annoyed because their pastor preached with their issues. It is different for a Pastor to use your situation to encourage someone, perhaps after your victory and another thing to judge you because you refuse to follow his counsel.

Everyone want that person they will talk to, and not have to worry if the person will turn and use it “against or use it to judge” them

So we are here, to help you with unofficial counsel, opinions, advise during that period and I am sure you will learn principles that you can apply to make the situation better or go away.

To seek opinions or advise, please email – hannah@inspirationwithhannah.com. To remain anonymous, email – anonymous@inspirationwithhannah.com


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