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We cannot deny that money is good to have. I am of the opinion that if you need something genuinely, it is good to have money to buy it. However, there are some problems that money cannot solve. I have seen rich people break down completely, not because they need money but because they have a particular challenge, sometimes, it might be in one’s marriage, it might be a challenge on the job, it might be with a teenage child or children in general, it might be with our health which seems to be the popular one these days.

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When we go through these challenges, it is important to have someone to talk to, someone to hold our hands if possible. A lot of people go through problems and do not want their families and friends to know. Most times, people have their very strong reasons and go on to bear it all alone. I had a little problem with my health after the birth of my first child and I couldn’t tell anyone. I couldn’t even tell my husband and I dealt with it alone. When I was expecting my second child, my mid-wife began to dig into my history and asked questions that led to the health challenge. She felt so sad, as I welled up, she welled up tears as well, holding my hands and saying, you should have reach out to someone. You shouldn’t have dealt with this on your own and she referred me for counseling and also to a specialist to deal with the problem.

This is how it happens with most of us. I have received numerous emails since Inspiration with Hannah commenced and I do really appreciate that some of you have chosen to confide in me. It means and shows you trust me enough to want to confide in me. I may not even be able to solve the problem but I will listen to you, talk through options and also pray with you.

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