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Love makes everything whole

Love makes everything whole Love makes everything whole LOVE SHARED PIC 310x165

LOVE MAKES EVERYTHING WHOLE Try and cook anything without salt or ingredients, and tell me what it tastes like. I can imagine the taste now even as I type and I couldn’t help but smile. If you also cook and the salt and ingredients are not enough, you either manage …

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it takes two IT TAKES TWO it takes two pic 310x165

IT TAKES TWO In recent times, I have seen rules flying around for women about how they can be a Godly wife, I read them and I smile. I believe in submission, being a good wife, and I am one. I can assure you this rules have misled a lot …

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just having a thought JUST HAVING A THOUGHT having a thought 310x165

JUST HAVING A THOUGHT I am just having a thought and I found it scary now, when people who have been in love for years say they are no more in love. Sometimes, some quit because they fell in love with someone else, whilst some says the person is no …

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