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Strategic move, Time and Place

strategic move, time and place Strategic move, Time and Place reggie and bollie 310x165

STRATEGIC MOVE, TIME AND PLACE Reggie and Bollie are perfect examples of the race is not to the swift…..time and chance happens to them all. When I wrote about them 2 weeks ago, I couldn’t help but think why they felt they have what it takes to compete not to …

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Reggie & Bollie

reggie & bollie Reggie & Bollie reggie and bollie 2 310x165

Reggie & Bollie These two young men originally from Ghana inspires me a lot every week. Bollie said about 3 weeks ago, after the Saturday night contest that this time last year, he was battling depression and felt lost. He couldn’t just believe he is there on the X-factor stage, …

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