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What We Make of Experiences

What we make of experiences

My colleague got a new car and I was asking her the other day if she was enjoying the car but her response left my mouth opened.

She parked the car, luckily in front of a big tree and whilst she left the car, it reversed back and the back windscreen shattered. I asked a many questions at the same time. What happened? You didn’t put the hand brake on?. And it goes on.

Yes, the hand brake was on and the gear was in neutral but someone told her the gear was supposed to be in 1 since she was parked up a hilly road. I thought I have parked up hilly parkways many times with my gear in neutral and I have never had problems so “I better find out about this. I am never going to wait till I experience this because this is new to me”. By the way, I have researched and found conflicting theories.

Another thought came to my mind, I have to make good of my colleague’s experience and not think it cannot happen to me. Whilst I was thinking, it came to mind again and I asked myself “what do we make of other people’s experiences?”

When you hear of women being abused in their marriage (s), most times it started before they went into the marriage. And whilst courting, they have heard from victims how no one should ever marry a violent man, yet they went ahead and you ask, what happened. Is it faith that the person will change or foolishness?

Here is another one, when they eventually enter the marriage and they are been beaten like bags everyday, they hear of other people’s experiences, perhaps how they died or nearly died, yet they stay put and I asked myself again what could be the reason? Could it be shame of not answering to a Mrs again, or what? Or how can we see with our own very eyes someone putting their hands in fire, getting burnt, and screaming with excruciating pain, yet we go ahead and do the same?

People fail in businesses because of negligence of certain fundamental practices. Even though we are aware others failed as a result of the negligence, we believe it is simply the person’s results  that panned out badly forgetting there are fundamental principles to follow. See, I came across this quote, there is only one thing more painful than learning from experience and that is “not learning from experience”.

I urge you to always learn from others in all facets of life, so as not to make mistakes others made. Listen, watch and apply excellent principles that will make you live a fulfilling life.





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Stephen Abimbola

When we learn from other people’s mistakes, we usually learn faster. Mistakes can make us look foolish. It exposes human weakness and vulnerability to imperfection. Never say ‘I can’t make that mistake ‘. Always just PRAY for God’s grace to help you. Stephen ABIMBOLA

Kosmos Akande-Alasoka
Kosmos Akande-Alasoka

Our experiences and those others remain the best teacher.


Thoughtful and and refreshing. Thanks

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