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Years have gone by, but I still remember my first interview for the position of a marketer at an interior decoration company somewhere in Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria. I remember that the Director asked me if I were to live in a country where jobs were easy to get or where funds were easily accessible, to start a business, what would I like to be? I responded “A Writer”.

Writing has been a passion of mine since my University days, but for one reason or the other, I have not been able to put it to good use. Here I am years later, I have received counsel from friends and families, about my passion for writing, motivating and encouraging people. I feel now that I have procrastinated for a long time, I have delayed impacting lives, inspiring someone and saying to someone out there that “Inspiration with Hannah”.

Inspiration with Hannah is a platform created to reach out to people experiencing life challenges. Life is without challenges. The difference in people that do successfully overcome is that, they have a helping hand to provide them with the right support, directions and advice in a timely fashion.

Inspiration with Hannah also hopes to encourage readers to be “Rich in Health”, through our Health articles, food tips, and indoor and cardiovascular exercise routine tips.

You will also agree with me that parenting teenagers is not a job for the faint hearted,

“Inspiration with Hannah” has a team of experienced parents who will give you tips on how to handle your teenage children.

The platform will also bring you news from around the globe, which will keep you informed.

Have you ever been so troubled, you find it hard to pray? Yes!!! We have all been there and for that reason, “Inspiration with Hannah” has created a prayer request corner where readers can send in prayer points for our prayer warriors to intercede on your behalf.

In addition, this platform has “Minds and Thoughts” which we hope will help people see from another perspective, on general day to day encounters, happenings, observations and thoughts that follows after and perhaps how best to handle some life situations.

This page will ease you from tension, whilst you learn few tips about how to handle life normal or unforeseen negative life situations and give you insights on principles to apply to make the most out of it.

In the multitudes of counselors, there is safety, so I urge you to invite someone to join “Inspiration with Hannah” today. Let us share your burden. Let us reason together, encourage, motivate and inspire each other with the advise and actions that brought breakthroughs to others.


We will strive to become the most sought after platform for encouragement, enrichment, elevation, stimulation, inspiration and motivation when going through life challenges.

Our Belief

We believe it is vital to be equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence required to maximize our potential in life. “Inspiration with Hannah” hopes to help achieve this successfully.


Life comes with its twists and turns. Our mission is to provide a platform for an open discussion/forum with practical advice and informal counsel on a wide range of life topics including relationship/marriage, family, parenting, health, pregnancy and bereavement.

I hope through our experience, we can impact others positively…….

Thank you and welcome.


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