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You Personality Has a Definition

your personality has a definition You Personality Has a Definition Untitled design 45 310x165

Your Personality Has a Definition I have recently become acquainted with a young man on Inspiration with Hannah’s page. From our conversation and the counsel he seeks, I have found he is modest, knows himself and want to be better. I have also learnt a lot from him. Recently he …

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Respecting Your Loved Ones

respecting your loved ones Respecting Your Loved Ones Dignify your familyand others willrespect them 310x165

Respecting your loves ones An older woman walked into a salon I was having my hair done few years ago, the salon was so full there was nowhere to sit. The woman being an elderly woman (in my culture) have to sit down whilst someone younger give up her sit …

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It is finished

It is finished It is finished it is finished used 310x165

Jesus knew all was accomplished and He said “IT IS FINISHED” As we commemorate the death and resurrection of Christ through the renewal of our minds………… I pray all our worries are finished Our problems are finished Our challenges are finished Financial difficulties, finished Barrenness, finished Every form of illness …

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Feed on Substance

Feed on Substance Feed on Substance Feed on Substance 310x165

Feed on Substance My very good friend added me to a group on Facebook. I engaged on few discussions, because I saw I could admonish someone. Later, I began to see some discussions that does not edify my soul. The group is a women’s group and I knew there would …

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Indoor exercise INDOOR EXERCISE Indoor exercise 310x165

I am so surprised how much indoor exercise can help. For those who do not have money to register at the gym or time to go to the gym because of your busy schedule, the good news is here, you can do exercise in the comfort of your room. It …

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