Meals and Lifestyle Meals and LifeStyle healthy meals picture

Meals and LifeStyle

Making healthy eating a life style is paramount to having good health and permanent weight loss. Let’s look at the do’s and don’ts briefly: Drinking – Start your morning with lemon or lime in warm water. Drink water at least 30 mins before every meal. Drink at least 5 cups …

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Weight Loss Drink Weight Loss Drink WEIGHT LOSE DRINK

Weight Loss Drink

This is what I am drinking presently and I am having it as my water before and after meals or other times I feel like drinking water. I make this 2/3 times a week , it’s been walking like magic and its benefits are tremendous, as it helps with losing …

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be an inspiration Be an Inspiration Be an Inspiration

Be an Inspiration

I love people so much and I care about people’s happiness. Recently, I am learning to take a step back but there are times I follow my instinct especially when I feel someone needs my encouragement or motivation. There is a man working close to my house, precisely in the …

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achieving set goals Achieving Set Goals ACHIEVING SET GOALS PIC

Achieving Set Goals

I was in Class last night and our lecturer asked us to  share our New Year resolutions. I found the resolutions I heard very refreshing and it totally reminded me of how unique we are individually, how much we want different things, and the thin and wide line between your …

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what do you reflect What do you Reflect RESHAPE UR ATTITUDE PICTURE

What do you Reflect

I did my Master’s degree few years ago and I was very quiet in class in the first few weeks. The course I was pursuing was different from my first degree, I had to do more of listening. I also realized my colleagues were intelligent, I had no choice but …

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The many names of a mother The Many Names of a Mother The many names of a mother pic

The Many Names of a Mother

I am so passionate about mothers and what we do. We are first wife (s), then mothers, home makers, burden bearers, multitask (ers), counselors, finance secretaries, career women and the lists are endless. My sister and I were sharing our little day to day struggles with the children, but my …

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hang in there Hang in there Things are looking good 1

Hang in there

Perhaps in the last 7 days, you have experienced some difficulties, obstacles, challenges and you have been wondering why and saying at the same time that it’s only been 7 days in 2016. You have not heard what you hope to hear regarding that business, job interview, examination result, situation …

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should couples live apart? Should Couples live apart? Should couples live apart PIC

Should Couples live apart?

I want us to discuss this: Should couples live apart under any circumstances? When I say couples, I meant married ones. Have you lived away from your spouse? If yes, why? Did it affect you or your relationship positively or negatively? Would you advise anyone to do it? I will …

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full disclosure Full Disclosure Children needs Clarity Pic

Full Disclosure

I thought I should share this with you… My son asked for yogurt and I told him it’s finished and will buy more tomorrow.. What I meant to say was that we have one left for his baby brother but not himself and his immediate younger brother. Obviously I didn’t …

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taking responsibility Taking Responsibility BECOME A BETTER PERSON PIC

Taking Responsibility

I am feeling good with myself as I type because I am finally getting there. I have come a long way with the act of taking responsibility. My hubby always want our Children to use small cutlery and you would agree with me it is right anyway. Whenever he serves …

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