your personality has a definition You Personality Has a Definition Untitled design 45

You Personality Has a Definition

Your Personality Has a Definition I have recently become acquainted with a young man on Inspiration with Hannah’s page. From our conversation and the counsel he seeks, I have found he is modest, knows himself and want to be better. I have also learnt a lot from him. Recently he …

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Be Humble But Not Stupid Be Humble But Not Stupid Dont

Be Humble But Not Stupid

BE HUMBLE BUT NOT STUPID There was a time in my life that I thought being humble is stupidity. I allowed people walk over me so much whilst I murmured, reported them to others and remained deeply hurt. Later I graduated to ignoring situations that hurt me rather than addressing …

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Your Confessions YOUR CONFESSIONS Your Confession will always find its way back to you


YOUR CONFESSIONS Answering to Hannah was never a problem growing up but I dropped the name as my middle name when I was about to write the West Africa School Leaving Examination (WAEC), the reason I did this, is a piece for another day. As a result of the change, …

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the friends you keep The Friends You Keep Inspiration with Hannah 47

The Friends You Keep

THE FRIENDS YOU KEEP I don’t have a best friend, is that a bad thing? But I do have good friends and friends that are now my sisters. I particularly have a friend we grew up together but did not become good friends until our Youth Service years (In Africa). …

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Work Hard Play Hard WORK HARD PLAY HARD Untitled design 38


WORK HARD PLAY HARD I want to talk to you about work-life balance as we approach the weekend, because majority of us work hard but we do not find time to relax and enjoy the rewards of our hard work. For those that do not understand what it means, work-life …

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the best approach? The Best Approach? Tell

The Best Approach?

THE BEST APPROACH? I posted an article last week ( www.inspirationwithhannah.com/respecting-your-loved-ones/) about a woman who shouted at her daughter and I concluded by admonishing us to respect our loved ones and treat them the way we would want them to treat us or the way we want others to treat …

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Are you a Classy Woman? Are You a Classy Woman? Be a classywoman witha little bitof hood and a lot of Godin you

Are You a Classy Woman?

Are You A Classy Woman? It’s not about everyone today but my fellow women. Someone very close once asked me why women wear clothing that reveals their bodies. He said “I do not just understand it, ladies do not have to expose their bodies to look good”. I am not …

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respecting your loved ones Respecting Your Loved Ones Dignify your familyand others willrespect them

Respecting Your Loved Ones

Respecting your loves ones An older woman walked into a salon I was having my hair done few years ago, the salon was so full there was nowhere to sit. The woman being an elderly woman (in my culture) have to sit down whilst someone younger give up her sit …

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Sssssshhhhhh Sssssshhhhhh Untitled design 33


Ssssssshhhhhh My very good friend was preparing for her wedding in our final year in the University. I never knew she didn’t want people to know yet and I innocently shared the news with another friend. The friend congratulated her and she was not so happy because as much as …

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in spite of all odds In spite of all odds Girls of Dhaka

In spite of all odds

IN SPITE OF ALL ODDS I saw a documentary on BBC World news recently titled “The forgotten Girls of Dhaka” Most of them were married away at 14 and abandoned by the time they were 15, taking care of infants alone. The story is a long one for each individual …

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